General Utterances speech datasets in Italian

General Utterances speech datasets in Italian

The audio dataset includes General Utterences, featuring Italian speakers from Italy with detailed metadata.

Speech Recognition
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About This OTS Dataset

Unlock the potential of AI development with the Italian General Utterances Speech Dataset, tailored for General Topics. This specialized collection of voice data is meticulously curated to enhance the understanding and analysis of general conversational topics in Italian.

Metadata Availability: Insights into Participant Details

While transcripts are not included, comprehensive metadata accompanies each recording, providing insights into participant demographics and call characteristics. This metadata enhances the dataset's utility for analysis within the general conversational domain.

Audio Recording Specifications

Audio Duration: 300 hours
Format Utilized: WAV, maintaining optimal fidelity
Variable Sample Rate: Adaptable to meet project requirements, ensuring versatility
Quality Assurance: Maintained at 16-bit for superior audio quality and clarity throughout
Diverse Recording Environments: Captured within various real-world settings, providing a comprehensive depiction of interactions
Standard Recording Equipment: Utilizing standard recording devices for meticulous capture of authentic conversations, facilitating an accurate portrayal of communication exchanges.

These technical specifications ensure compatibility and optimal performance for a wide range of AI development applications within the general sector.

Speech Data:

Our comprehensive training dataset comprises 300 hours of audio recordings, covering a wide range of general topics in Italian. Captured in WAV format, our recordings ensure high-quality audio without specifying the bit depth or sample rate.

Each audio recording captures authentic conversations, reflecting the native dialect and accent prevalent in Italy. The dataset covers various general topics, facilitating comprehensive analysis and model development.


The Italian General Utterances Speech Dataset is exclusively provided by Macgence and is available for commercial use.

Updates and Customization:

The dataset undergoes regular updates to align with the evolving needs of research and development. Tailored datasets can be crafted upon request, accommodating specific requirements and preferences.

Why Macgence Stands Out


Whether you are developing conversational analysis models, advancing natural language processing algorithms, or conducting research in the general conversational domain, our dataset, backed by Macgence, offers a reliable resource to meet your objectives.

At Macgence, we're more than just a data provider. We offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs in AI development. Here's why we believe Macgence is the right partner for you:

Tailored Solutions: Your project is unique, and we understand that. We'll customize everything to align precisely with your objectives.

Versatile Data: Our dataset spans a broad spectrum of applications within the general sector, encompassing speech recognition, natural language processing, and beyond.

Ongoing Support: We're committed to providing continuous assistance throughout your project lifecycle. Our dataset is regularly refreshed with new recordings, and our team remains readily available to offer guidance and support whenever needed.

Transparent Licensing: Utilize our dataset for commercial purposes with confidence. Our transparent and straightforward licensing terms ensure clarity and peace of mind for your organization.

Comprehensive Assistance: Besides data provisioning, we offer a suite of supplementary services to augment your project. Whether it entails sourcing additional data, conducting meticulous labeling, or tailoring datasets to align with your project specifications, we're equipped to provide comprehensive support.

Choose Macgence for your AI development needs and unlock the full potential of our tailored solutions and expertise.

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