Indian Agent to US Customer Speech Dataset in English for Finance

Indian Agent to US Customer Speech Dataset in English for Finance

The audio dataset includes call center conversations in Finance, featuring English speakers from India and US, with detailed metadata and accurate transcriptions.

Speech Recognition
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About This OTS Dataset

This Off-The-Shelf (OTS) dataset offers a comprehensive collection of audio recordings showcasing conversations between US Customer representatives and Indian Agents within the financial sector. It is meticulously curated to enhance speech recognition and conversational AI models tailored specifically to the unique dynamics of interactions between US Customer representatives and Indian agents in finance.

Metadata Availability: Insights into Participant Details

Each participant is accompanied by detailed metadata including age, gender, country, state, dialect, domain, topic, call type, and outcome. This rich metadata facilitates informed decision-making during model development.

Audio Recording Specifications


  1. Audio Duration: 800 hours
  2. Format Utilized: MP3 / WAV, ensuring uncompromised audio integrity
  3. Sample Rate Flexibility: Adjustable to meet project demands, ensuring versatility
  4. Diverse Recording Environments: Captured within various real-world settings, providing a comprehensive and authentic portrayal of call center interactions
  5. Standard Recording Equipment: Utilizing standard call center devices for meticulous capture of genuine conversations between Indian agents and US customers, facilitating an accurate reflection of communication dynamics.

These technical specifications ensure compatibility and optimal performance for a wide range of AI development applications within the financial sector.

Insights into Audio Data:

The dataset comprises 800 hours of high-quality audio recordings covering a wide array of topics within the financial domain. Created through collaboration with a network of  expert native English speakers from the India & United States, it captures realistic interactions, ensuring a balanced representation of Indian & American accents, dialects, and demographics.

Dataset Transcription Details:

Manual verbatim transcriptions in JSON format accompany each audio file, capturing speaker-wise dialogues with time-coded segmentation and non-speech labels. These transcriptions expedite the development of financial-related call center conversational AI and automatic speech recognition (ASR) models.


Exclusively curated by Macgence, this financial call center audio dataset is available for commercial use, empowering AI developers in the finance sector.

Updates and Customization:

Consistent updates with fresh audio data captured in varied real-world scenarios guarantee ongoing relevance and precision. We offer customization options such as adjusting sample rates and providing bespoke transcriptions tailored to your specific criteria and needs.

Why Macgence Stands Out


At Macgence, we're more than just a data provider. We offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs in AI development. Here's why we believe Macgence is the right partner for you:

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Versatile Data: Our dataset spans a broad spectrum of applications within the finance sector, encompassing speech recognition, natural language processing, and beyond.

Ongoing Support: We're committed to providing continuous assistance throughout your project lifecycle. Our dataset is regularly refreshed with new recordings, and our team remains readily available to offer guidance and support whenever needed.

Transparent Licensing: Utilize our dataset for commercial purposes with confidence. Our transparent and straightforward licensing terms ensure clarity and peace of mind for your organization.

Comprehensive Assistance: Besides data provisioning, we offer a suite of supplementary services to augment your project. Whether it entails sourcing additional data, conducting meticulous labeling, or tailoring datasets to align with your project specifications, we're equipped to provide comprehensive support.

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